What does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover?

What do Insurance Companies cover? For example, you can see here at this house in Gilbert, Arizona that they had some water damage in this kitchen. There’s missing drywall and cabinetry. Now a covered claim all depends on your insurance carrier. Now we can’t tell you if your claim will be covered, that is within your policy, but let’s just say that this is a covered claim. Insurance will cover to do the baseboard, the drywall, the painting, the cabinetry, anything that was damaged by water. Let’s just say your drywall is done and you’re about to get new paint but you decide you want to change the color. That new paint would be considered an upgrade which would not be covered by your homeowner’s insurance. Insurance companies will not cover upgrades which includes new or different paint colors. Countertops if it’s not covered would be considered an upgrade as well as cabinets. With this homeowner wants new countertops and new cabinets here, so we are going to give them a price of what it would cost out of pocket to upgrade these things. Now the only exception to that is you see here the cabinet is missing. If we cannot find the cabinet to replace them to pre loss condition, then we will show that to the insurance carrier and it will be up to them if they decide to cover that or not. We always do our best to work with homeowners and insurance carrier to get the job done and the home restored.